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Special Orders

LJV Designs is devoted to creating unique jewelry with the finest quality precious and semi-precious stones and pearls, along with beautiful glass beads from Venice. In many cases, the pieces that are shown on our website are one of kind, as the same, high-quality stones may not be available to make duplicates. However, if you have a special request, please contact us. Necklaces can be made, in most cases, in special lengths and color combinations to suit your needs.

About Our Products

Unless otherwise stated, clasps are vermeil, which is 22K gold plating over sterling silver. As you browse thru the site, you will notice that many necklaces have 18K clasps, which are generally used with higher quality stones.

While not every necklace has matching earrings, earrings can usually be made upon request. This will depend upon the availability of matching stones. Let me know what you’re interested in.

In general, pearls run the gamut from inexpensive to very expensive, but I never met a pearl I didn’t like! The luminous coating, or nacre, on pearls is a major determinant of the price. Never wear pearls while bathing or swimming, as this will erode the nacre. Never spray pearls with perfume, and wait about 20 minutes after applying perfume before you put on a string of pearls. High quality pearl necklaces are generally strung on silk thread, with hand knotting, which will wear over time and require re-stringing. Your local jeweler can usually perform this service. The less expensive pearl necklaces shown on this site, especially those that are mixed with stones, are strung on jewelry wire for durability and will not require re-stringing.

Prices for all pieces are based upon the cost of the materials, so higher priced items are made with more expensive and higher quality stones or pearls.

Common Questions

What is drusy (druzy)? Drusy is a natural, crystaline quality frequently found in quartz or agate semi-precious stones. It is currently fashionable to leave these drusy surfaces unpolished to add interest to the surface of the stones.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are normally $9.50, which covers the cost of USPS Priority Mail and insurance, and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Should you need immediate delivery, we can ship overnight in most cases via USPS Express Mail for a charge of $21.95. Non-U.S. shipping charges will be adjusted, based upon the weight of the order, when the order is shipped. Global express shipping charges start at $26


We will gladly accept returns within 30 days from date of original shipment, which will be refunded in full less the cost of shipping. We recognized that sometimes you just have to try things on. Don’t forget that we can adjust the length on most pieces. It’s usually a good idea to measure a necklace that you own that’s the right length in order to advise us on the length you need.


If you’re planning to visit New York City and would like to make an appointment to see our merchandise in person, please call or send us an e-mail.

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