LJV Designs specializes in uniquely designed jewelry made of the highest quality natural materials. Quality stones and materials are sourced from around the world. Please contact us if there is something you are looking for that you do not see. We can help you create a custom designed piece for your special occasion.


"Welcome to conNECKsions™! Born from a desire to be
able to change beads with every outfit without having
to invest in the rising cost of silver every time, this new
concept lets you be the designer. Buy just one “necklet™”,
which is a silver beaded strand with a hook clasp at either end. 
Necklets come in two lengths, 11” or 13”, but we can
customize one if a different length is best for you.
Then select a “conNECKtor™”, or beaded strand, to complete
the look. conNECKtors™ range in length from 5” to about 5 ½”
and have a ring on either end. When added to your necklet, 
conNECKtors create a necklace of around 16” or 18”.
Because the conNECKtor­™ is only about 5” long, we can
provide you with a selection of high quality gemstones
at a lower cost than that of a full length necklace of
gemstones. As always, if you don’t see what you want,
let us know and we’ll design it for you!"

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